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Sacramento Junior Tennis Fund

Apply for Semi-Private Lesson Funds

The grant application has funds available for semi-private lessons for young players who show a dedication to learning the sport in depth. The application can be filed at at any time throughout the year. The maximum number of lessons will not exceed 10. The dedicated coach and the JTFS Board will determine the length of the series of semi-private lessons.

Player eligibility:
•  Currently or very recently enrolled in a public court clinic
•  A financial need to continue with instruction (as determined by coach and JTFS Board)
•  Recommendation by current coach based on attendance, focus and behavior

Coach eligibility:
•  Provide documentation for CPR training, First Aid training and proof of insurance for all teaching coaches
•  Provide proof of safe sport vetting
•  Member of USPTA (Preferred)
•  Application must be filed 30 days before lessons start

All lessons must be given on public courts

JTFS will:
•  Meet with coach, players and parents prior to lessons to complete all agreements and secure photo releases
•  Pay $50 per hour for semi-private lessons to be paid at end of the series of lessons
•  Pay for one entry per player to a Sacramento Area Tennis Association tournament of player’s choosing within the

   calendar year of lessons

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