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Sacramento Junior Tennis Fund



Make a donation of any amount to help support us.

Junior Tennis Fund Sacramento was established in late 2014. Since that time we have continued to grow and aid our communities in the Sacramento area with funds to create tennis programs and opportunities for underserved youth. During this tenure we have granted over $55,000 and served hundreds of youth in the Greater Sacramento area.


Sports in general and tennis in particular offer a chance for all youth to shine. Learning tennis at a young age lets children learn the skills and techniques that will give them a leg up in their high school sport as well as in their lives beyond high school.


Tennis is readily available to learn and practice on public courts in our neighborhoods. JTFS is helping to ensure that opportunities exist at those courts for the children in the neighborhood to exercise and just have some fun with their friends.


Your support throughout our existence has made all this possible for the children of our communities. Please donate NOW.

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