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Sacramento Junior Tennis Fund


What does Junior Tennis Fund Sacramento do for our community?:

  • We help to engage more young tennis players in the format and social aspects of the game

  • We focus on under-served areas of our community to bring tennis to those specific areas

  • We support tennis programs throughout the community with funds, as well as resources we can gather from our fellow tennis players, i.e., clothes, rackets, ball hoppers, etc.  

  • We support high schools and recreation programs by advertising their specific needs to the community

  • JTFS is a clearinghouse of sorts for everything tennis!

Specific contributions:


  • Yearly grants to Recreation and Park Districts to enable tennis clinics for first-time youth players

  • Fund clinics for beginning players who cannot afford paid lessons.  These clinics have been staffed in the past by the UCD Men’s players

  • $1000 grants to area high schools (12 so far) to help them update and accumulate the best equipment.  Rackets, balls, teaching tools, etc.  We  do not encourage teams to update nets (a school asset) and uniforms (yearly expense).  


We can do all these things because YOU keep us on your donations list.

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